Ambassador Rewards


How It Works

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Use the form below to request gift cards that can be applied towards the purchase of a new membership plan at the Pickerington Business Center.

SharE the Love

We will provide you 3 gift cards each month as long as this program is in effect for you to give to your colleagues or customers to present at a tour.

One For you, One For them

When your colleague or customer applies a gift card towards a new member plan, we will apply Ambassador Rewards of the same amount of the gift card towards your next month’s plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many gift cards can be used at a time?

A maximum of one gift card can be used per plan.

Do gift cards expire?

Yes, each gift card has an expiration date. This date will typically be 45 days in order to encourage use in a timely manner.

Do discounts in excess of plan cost carry over?

No, we will not carry over amounts in excess of your plan to a different pay period. We also will not give “cash back” if the discount is in excess of plan cost.

Can I redeem a gift card without a plan?

Gift cards must be applied to a new member plan and are of no cash value.

Are gift cards valid at a different business center location than the one on the card?

No, gift cards are only valid at the location pictured and labeled. 

What happens in the case of program termination?

In the case of program termination, we will stop distributing gift cards and allow anyone with a valid gift card until expiration to use it.